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I’m a multimedia journalist, turned single mother. Well, I became a mom on December 3rd, 2010, but I think the moment I found out I was pregnant and refused a glass of wine, I became a mom.

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  • TedX: Rebranding the Single Mom (VIDEO)

    I was recently invited to give a TedX talk at Ursuline College. And I said (sort of off the top of my head), "Rebranding the single mom. That is what I am trying to do in a small way, every single day. I don't think that the reflection of single moms in the media is accurate and I also know that in order to make changes in the external messaging, I needed to change my own internal dialogue."

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  • It Is True…They Do Grow Up

    Two things happened today that confirmed all of the rumors I heard stating that in parenthood, the days are long and the years are short...and that they do, in fact, grow up. My nephew turned five today. A fact that may or may not cue a mental "...awwww..." on your end. And for our family it is awwww-worthy for sure...but it's also more than that.

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  • Making Peace with Missing It

    I left a decade long career in network news just a little over a year ago to manage digital communications for a non-profit from home, and truth be told, there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss network news.

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  • Let It Go or Be Dragged

    So here we are...or should I say, here I am...on the precipice of trading in my love affair with New York City in for a life in the Connecticut suburbs (beyond what I would call daily commuting distance to NYC). I love New York City in a way that so many of my fellow New Yorkers do...This city is addictive. It's the muse of many online opuses, it's the birthplace of incredible ideas, the fuel for non-stop energy, the canvas for amazing diversity..

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10 Stereotypes of “Typical” Single Moms

Single motherhood...it’s a lot like married motherhood, but with the added component of stereotypes layered on top of our family dynamic (yes, I do consider my daughter and I to be a family). And after about 3 ½ years of heading up my non-traditional family - I have heard A LOT of things about single motherhood. A lot.

New Dove Ad Shows Moms How We Break and Build Our Daughters’ Self-Esteem

It’s hard to believe that Dove released their Campaign for Real Beauty ten years ago, breaking barriers by showcasing for the first time that I can recall, women whose bodies looked like...well...real women. I LOVED that ad campaign when it was released and all these years later I can still clearly recall what that photo looks like.

The Single Parent’s Guide to Road Tripping

Ahhhhh...The time-honored tradition of the summertime road trip. Think wind blowing through your hair, think radio blasting, think of that feeling of freedom as you hit the open road and the romantic anticipation of arriving at your destination, excited to stretch your legs, dip your toes in the ocean and take in the fresh air.